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vadalia legends change i've noticed

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  • vadalia legends change i've noticed

    how come last time when i was this high in vl i coult see the next 5 people infront of me but now i only see every 2 spots (im rank 21 atm) this is bugging me so if you can explain this thnx.

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    The legends board is based off of were you are ranked. People at low ranks typically only see the next 5 people that are higher than they are. IE if I was rank 10 id only see the people from rank 9 to rank 5. However if I was rank 100 it would probably show the character from rank lets say 95 to 75 but in a 5 rank increment. Its based on were you are currently ranked. I hope this somewhat helps, its best to see Vidialian legends from alts that can view it they see ranks in huge jumps untill they get low enough that it does not show it.