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Will the gm's ever merge the servers???

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  • Will the gm's ever merge the servers???

    I have been creating new accounts over and over becouse people keep moving to the newest server. And sometimes I may spend money here and there to keep up with advanced players. I just want to know if they will evere merge the servers becouse its a waste of money if I have to switch servers all the time.

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    Server merge may be inevitable depending on server's population, age, economy, poll results about merge et cetera...
    Merge is not a bad thing there may be disconnection, lag, war issues at the start but it will all subdue and what will be left are the good effects of the merge (more player, better economy..)


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      I know in one thread they said they eventually wanted to merge all similar servers....

      But i'm hoping from all the whining and complaining and people having server issues and login issues (and logout issues o.o) that they changed their mind about that idea

      Of course, merging servers that need to be merged (inactivity or gold imbalance) is a good thing that should happen only when necessary.
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