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Can't enter game?

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  • Can't enter game?

    Hi. I'm having a bit of trouble with the actual game entry. I can get through the initial loading screen and the character loads but the actual entry of the game cannot be done. I don't think it's my internet because I've tried it with youtube, who have a similar flash/shockwave necessities as the game does (I think.) It'd be nice to have a solution to this as soon as possible, as I have missed Seng twice now and I've lost dungeon-runs for two days. Any help is appreciated.
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    Try the following suggestions listed below:

    1) Try a different browser
    2) Update flash player/java
    3) Stop/pause downloads
    4) Disable third-party browser active monitoring plug-ins such as video grabbers/adblockers as these have negative impacts to browser games
    5) Lower protection/disable firewall or make sure site is whitelisted as it may block the port of the game
    6) Set browser to a higher priority[ via Task Manager
    7) Check Internet speed and stability [] Any small interruption or disconnection is crucial for the game to completely load