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  • Recharge / Payment Problems

    GM's i've got a problem with buying VIP i use cashU to buy in the game it works on Crystals but there's no cashU on the Payment list to buy VIP with and it's supported by UltimatePay please add cashU to the payment list to buy VIP and i think ultimatepay is bugged or something please help?

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    Thread moved to General Support.

    If the payment option you are attempting to use is not listed during VIP checkout, you will need to resort to an alternative form of payment. With that said, the UGC/UP is just about retired, so any attempted usage may not be successful.


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      cashU was in the payment list before but because of the ultimatepay bugs i was not able to pay thru cashU to buy VIP im able to buy crystal but not VIP u guys should re-add cashU to the payment list and fix that bug


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        if i wanted to buy crystal and i already did thru cashU it was successful 100% but for VIP NO! why? i don't know u guys know and if i tried to use something else beside cashU it wont be successful as well for VIP because UltimatePay is bugged i can not pay thru any of them if it's supported by UltimatePay! so please GM's try to find out the real problem and fix it im not the only one having this problem 2 of my friends have the same problem my brother as well he's using his own computer and still having the same problem if u guys want us to buy from the game u guys should think about fixing the payment problems first!


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          We are not able to fix a problem that routes from UP's end. They're an entity entirely of their own.