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Missing Wedding becuase its at 4am

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  • Missing Wedding becuase its at 4am

    Last edited by SoBritish; 10-20-2014, 06:46 AM.

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    Players from different timezones play knowing the risks it may have (not being able to attend certain events, etc.), and I'm sure you paid for the wedding knowing that it was at 4AM where you are. The game didn't "take" your money, per say; it was a voluntary decision on your end to pay for an event you knew you may not make due to the time.

    Every version of Crystal Saga caters to specific countries, this is why there are several existing platforms. If Armorgames did not suit you, it wasn't unreasonable to look for another host that was more befitting to your timezone. You're more than welcome to file a ticket though the Armorgames portal to see if anything can be done regarding your missed wedding, however that's entirely up to the GMs.