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Master repair fails

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  • Master repair fails

    Hi, I've master repaired my equipment twice, and they are still getting damaged. Please fix this bug... thanks

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    define getting damaged. Their max durability lowering or their current state of durability lowering?
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      i think current? (sorry if i have the wrong idea about master repair)


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        Your gear and weapon will get damaged from killing mobs, doing pvp, etc. Master repair makes it so that the durability does not lower. So if your weapon has say 180/180 max durability, you grind for three hours and it goes down to 75/180 then you master repair and it will go back to 180/180. The first number is its current condition, the second number is its max durability. Using master repair the second number never drops. But the first number will lower with use.
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            oh now i get it thanks a lot!