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First pay pack

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  • First pay pack

    OK I got crystal on friday october 17 2014 and i still havent received my first pay pack. I submitted a ticket and still have no reply. This is ridiculous. This should have been resolved right away.

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    If you would provide your ticket number, I can forward it along.


    • #3
      the ticket is #202662


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        It looks like your ticket was submitted to the wrong department, hence why the response time has been delayed. It has now been forwarded to the appropriate department and will be looked into when the individual assigned to your case is available.


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          what department would i send it too? I put it as I haven't received rewards. Thank you for your help though
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            Unfortunately, I do not have access to the specific details regarding your case. All I was told by our support team was that it had initially been submitted to the wrong department and was delayed because of just. However the ticket has been noted and it will be addressed shortly.


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              Ok thanks but they should really fix that because that doesn't even make sense.


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                Certain departments are only equipped to handle issues within their jurisdiction, so when you submit a ticket incorrectly, the team it was sent to gets stumped as they are not be properly equipped to address the issue. It's like taking your broken tablet to a shop that specializes in desktops. With that said, I was informed that your case will be addressed and the pack manually sent out within the next 12 hours.


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                  mmk thanks