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Rebirth Expedition - ladder quest derp.

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  • Rebirth Expedition - ladder quest derp.

    Hai, so today I did ladder as usual, and had a ladder quest as usual, got to level 56, as usual..
    but my quest wasn't completed.

    I'm a priest, so I don't do any killing after floor 31, and I was indeed always on the floor when there were mobs.
    Just wondering if there are certain specifics for these quests to actually get completed, even though.. I did it, technically.
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    You do have to be on the floor before the mobs die to get credit for the ladder quests, and I've seen no issues with quest completion when I saw all members on the floor before the mobs died. It's important that your party makes sure all members are on the floor before they start attacking mobs for everyone to complete the quests.

    If it happens again, I suggest you file a ticket.
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      Rebirth Expedition - Ladder Quest Lvl 56, never got that ladder quest only Lvl 35, Lvl 40 and Lvl 45.
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        There's no quest for Level 56 Ladder. He just stated what floor his Ladder party got up to. In order to complete the Rebirth Eidolon Quests you need to be present on the floor when your party kills the mobs required.
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