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Getting dc while using gmut.......

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  • R21884718
    started a topic Getting dc while using gmut.......

    Getting dc while using gmut.......

    Hello there... today i had a gorilla titan 0 stars and 513 gmuts i was thinking why not try morph it or whats it called soo i press too try upgrade the mount i get 2 stars i press again the fail or succes dont show up so i try press it some times and boom i saw 6 stars allmost 7 and thinking oh well thats probaly fine.... but then i see noone writes i wc chat i cant do anything on game and then come the message fail too log in or something like that.. i close the windows log back into the game and ***... my gorilla titan is on 3 stars 494 gmuts are gone then ahh i shut write a ticket mayby that could solve the trouble but... 7 min after i get this thats its not possible fore Lucky stars too be revert and it was probly the lag that made my pretty eyes see the allmost 7 stars before the game crashed cuz ofc 494 gmut and first try was 2 stars piossible that 12 tryes could give me the 1 star ?? lol.. well the thing is thats like calling me a lyier and all the cash i spendt on this game was only a joke fore the cs team... ): so ty very much fore not trying too help me on my very first ticket which made lose alot of cash.....

  • JessieAileen
    I was talking to him when this happened. Basically he was trying to transform his mount. After saving up his Gmuts for the whole event and longer, he finally thought he had enough to get a new mount. He told us when he was doing it and that he got it to two stars and then he said that he got it to 7 stars. Then he DCed. When he came back all of his stars were gone and his stars had dropped back to 2 stars. And all of his 494 Gmuts were gone.

    So I told him to file a ticket. The response that he got was that it is not possible for what he is saying happened to happen. We all think this is pretty horrible and would like to know if a GM would look into his account or do something to fix this issue. Its not cool to spend that kind of gold on Gmuts but from the event and alts, and from starglade shops, and from guildies selling them to help him out, and only to find that you lose all progress that you have made, and all of your Gmuts because of a disconnection issue.

    The whole situation sucks. And we are all hoping that something can be done about this or explained as to why this has happened.

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