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Come on GM's... Please do something about ShadowMoon server.

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  • Come on GM's... Please do something about ShadowMoon server.

    New server: ShadowMoon

    Let me explain... the last guy who was reported by xxxxxx was not dealt with. Now there is a new guy or the same guy... who is cheating.

    Seriously over 70 plat gathered in less then 10 hours? Can you guys please step up your game and do something? most of the players who has been buying/selling none stop ever since the server start could barely gather 9 plat... talk about this clown and his 100 miracle p in 2 days. I'm done with sending support tickets cause no one even give me a proper reply. Maybe monitor the server a lil? idk just do something.

  • Reverie
    If you would provide your ticket number, any online moderator can forward it along and [hopefully] get it going. That being said, as frustrating as the ticket system is, all reports must be filed there if you hope to get anywhere with the issue. The GMs are the only ones with backend access to deal with suspicious players.

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