Hey guys from last maint and until now me and the other ppl i have asked around are unable to list a new item in the buying shop list so i was wondering if some of you can please check and see if you can list "Spirit of Ares" in your shop buying section, because everyone i asked so far they cant nor by typing the item name or drag and drop it in the shop buying list it just wont work anymore, but the weirdest thing of all is this:

So how did he done it lol? Now that no one else can buy it hes monopolizing the market..... since u cant shout all the time and even if u are its easyer for ppl just to drop it in there, anyway do u guys have any idea how he managed???? Thanks in advance

Hmmmmmmmmmmm he just dc'ed and came back and set the shop again with more soa lol how the heck u list items that are bugged

Hmmmmmmmmmmm merging my posts but not answer T-T

Anyone else?