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    Yea, must be fake. No one with 4th aura can have these poor stats ^^


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      the one thing that strikes the honor...just by this you can see just how much was invested in the character. Not that it isnt well done but you know...youve got clear downfalls...such as def and HP has already mentioned. Id wait a little bit before being so so proud . Nothing wrong with ebing happy and proud of your char but.... at least have something rly rly rly epic to show if your gonna just got BAM in peoples face about your stats .

      Dont take it personal, just an opinion, hopefully somewhat constructive
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        I think his stats are awesome....I mean like, not everone makes it that far you know.
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          Originally posted by SkyRaZoR View Post
          I think his stats are awesome....I mean like, not everone makes it that far you know.
          I have only first aura and all my stats are better than his.. most of my stats are unbuffed better than his fully buffed stats.. just to give u the idea.
          He wouldnt survive on my server :P And people who have to fake screenshots are just pathetic :P


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            If he ahs no 4th aura, this image must be fake then?

            that image is a fake, ROTFLMAO!!!. i only got 1st aura. and its for fun tho, not for real ( unless i put em in here then bragging about it ).

            i was teasing my wifey since she got 3rd aura and almost got her 4th aura soon (Her aura is Real), then i make fun of her by making my own 4th aura before her LOOOL!!

            but she loves the design of the ss so i put that there for fun, hahaha~ but mostly all know me havent got that, im not casher so its not that fast....

            hope this clear things up

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              Originally posted by sebastian1988 View Post
              Yea, must be fake. No one with 4th aura can have these poor stats ^^

              my char only have 1st Aura but i have
              10K PDef . 9.5K MDEF,
              4.2k Dodge, 75% dodge rating
              and 17K PTAK
              and i only use Full slayer set +frag weap

              W/O buff
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                Originally posted by sebastian1988 View Post
                13k patk is not much. Our rogues have more than 20k.. with more than 100% dodge and 100% crit.
                He definitely doesnt have 4th aura, his stats simply dont match up.

                And im talking about 1st aura rogues with 20k patk. Also, his hp isnt even 100k, he dies in 2 hits.
                He doesnt even have dmg reduction or high def. I doubt that he can kill anyone with those stats.

                And then again, i thought his screenshot in the screenshot trhead was odd - his stats looks like max 1st aura but he was on a screenshot with 4th aura, now his odd dodge rate (slayers cap should add 8-9% dodge, not 3%) - looks like poor faked stats. Then again, he is weak :P
                O.O What is ur server? I've never seen over 100% dodge ( except on this thread)
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