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Praise For R2

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  • Apoloymi
    started a topic Praise For R2

    Praise For R2

    Would just like to give R2 a BIG BIG BIG shout out for changing Corruption to where we can claim all the packs

    To everyone that was involved in this on the R2 team and development thank you so much for listening to your players in more ways then one with this event

    the fact that we can claim all the packs is just pure amazing, but the fact that you also added new items, that was also requested into the existing packs as well is just going above and beyond for your players

    I can not thank you enough for this, and I am sure that there are also many many players across your servers of Crystal Saga that also feel just as happy and thrilled as I am

    Thank you again R2, I'm sure if all of us players could give you a big hug and kiss right now we would

  • R2349858
    I concur, till the hugs and kisses part.

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