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Me hav Been Scammer By (42)StormJoy 2.5D

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  • Me hav Been Scammer By (42)StormJoy 2.5D

    GM Help Me (42)StormJoy Scammer Me 2.5D for OutFit Pleass Help me GM..

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    How dare you! file a ticket with PROOF then...this is my wife you're talking about. This is NOT appropriate for ANY PUBLIC FORUM or CHAT! I have already reported you for slander (S42)Likeme, do not continue down your current path. You need to file a screenshot with absolute PROOF of your claim, that is the appropriate action, NOT going around in this forum, and on our server in WC slandering people. Gossip is not cool, especially false rumors! This is my final time I will tell you. I have already ignored you and reported your action in-game. If I hear from my friends you have continued your rumors, I will file a ticket against you myself.


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      If you have proof that you were scammed, file a ticket at They will check the logs for both characters.

      Closing thread. If you have any additional concerns, please address them in a ticket.
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