Hey all i wrote earlier about my GT going too gryphon how it was bugged with the stars first ill tell how it going with it later ash question too cs team which i probaly will knew the answer instead of explaining how it happend fore real...
Total spend gmuts so far 874
1 try 2* on the mount
2 too 13 tryes on the mount when i realised there was lagg and i got dc saw allmost 7 * got dc and had 3* when i come back.
14 try 4*
15 try 5*
16 try 5* half
17 try 6*
18 try 6* half
19 try 7*
20 try 7* half
21 try 8*
22 try 8* nothing happend here
23 try 8* allmost 9* and total 874 gmut used :/
now the question is what happend too me betwenn the 2* and 3* all answer i got from cs team on ticket 3 times in a row is dc made me see the stars was allmost 7* after used allmost 500 gmuts so they telling me its possible too get 1 star from 2* too 3* if i look my GT pattern how it gaines stars i dont have too be a fool too see there was something wrong, but guess im just another cash spender on game they care less of everyone telling me too fill in ticket and get surpriced how i been treated so pls give me a prober explainations this time.....

Kingjack sukomo lvl 83 eidolon knight....