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    i dont know how but my account just deactivated and i dont know why. and when i activated it it says the email is already in use but when i put a new email the message in the email dont show up can u pls help

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    [Thread moved to General Support]

    Can you clarify what you mean by accoun deactivation? Or possibly attach/PM a screenshot depicting the issue? R2 accounts cannot be deleted/deactivated, but can be unbound from their e-mails should the request have been made in a ticket and fulfilled by the GMs.

    Account binding cannot be undone without filing a ticket, so if you are attempting to do so, you will need to file a ticket here: Otherwise, try logging in with the e-mail that is stated to be currently in use with your password. You can also use the Forgot Password function to retrieve your password to the bound e-mail.
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      email deactivation actually. i dont know why my email has been deactivated in my r2 account. and i put a new email account but when i activated and checked my mail there is no mail. (sorry for bad english)


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        problem solved close this thread pls