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problems with pet loyalt

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  • firekaster
    started a topic problems with pet loyalt

    problems with pet loyalt

    hello, my character is Firekaster from Tree of Life server (s31) and i have teeka whose loyalty has fallen to 5... i bought 3 pet foods with coupons and it wont allow me to feed them to my teeka... it says "pet loyalty must be below 99" and it wont allow me to summon my teeka either. my teeka is my main pet, and although i do have others i miss it dearly because its support skills make a huge difference for me... any suggestions on how i can resolve this issue would be much appreciated, thanx...

    also if you happpen to be a GM or MOD i am a VIP member and i was supposed to have gotten my monthly 800 xtals over a week ago, and i still have not received them, if you can take the time to look into this i would much appreciate it, thanx again

    - firekaster

  • ShadowGammaDraco
    for other thing file a ticket please

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