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What Happened to my character?

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  • What Happened to my character?

    Apparently I have some problems regarding opening my account. this happened after the maintenance today. I cannot open my character (S18)DonMiguel, I cannot enter the game. Also when I enter Forums it says that my IP was Banned. I don't know what's the reason for me being banned. I tried opening other accounts (alts/alternative character) and I can open them. When I tried viewing my Character (S18)DonMiguel I cant see him.

    I cannot enter forums at time 08:00 am ( I just found out that I can enter again just now, thats why I'm able to post this)

    My main point is Why can't I open my main character, but my other account (alternative character's) has no problem?
    Can Any Authorized personnel help me?

    And PS: I already sent ticket to r2, but 9 hours passed still no reply.

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    hey no gm's replying on this thread?


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      Most GMs works from the shadows, they all go ninja on us all.
      And sometimes it's the time of day, it might be that only a few active GM are working at this time. But please do be patient, they will go to your ticket as soon as they could, sorry for the inconvenience you're experiencing right now.

      ...but actually does something like stalk every word you post

      This moderator is unreliable, I'm serious