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Trouble super high MS reading

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  • Trouble super high MS reading

    I am having problems with my MS reading, I have seen it go up to 7290ms. My char moves like normal but when i run across the screen it backtrack like 3 or 4 times. As I am fighting in dungeons, it takes me like 10 minutes longer to beat anything, although my char looks like she is attacking normally, and i can not pick up treasures. I dont think it is my internet because I can run all my other online programs and games and I have no problem with any of it, except for Crystal Saga. I have upgraded my flash player, ran disc cleaners and virus scanner. Nothing is working at all. So is anyone else having this problem? How can it be fixed?
    I would attach a screenshot but it seems that anything I try to post is too big for R2 so hopefully someone can understand without a screen shot of my inferno ms. Do I have to make a ticket?

    I must add, this has been going on with me for about three days now... I did call my internet provider but there was no problem they could detect...
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    I can't say I've run into this problem, so I'm not quite sure how to go about resolving it. Perhaps you can try hiding characters and effects and using wired connection to see if it helps improve the backtracking.


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      try a different browser if your using chrome they are having problems with memory leakage and extension issues