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Name Change or Character Server Transfer due to abuse.

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  • Name Change or Character Server Transfer due to abuse.

    May I request a Character name change or transfer, every time I enter Angel Island I go through abuse from trolls and I badly want out of the server but I don't want to lose the money I've paid so far or the Gear I earned. I am a paying user and I will continue to pay about once a month unless this abuse continues on. If it continues like this I will quit this site and never return again. Please help me.
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    Unfortunately, neither name changes or character transfers are possible. However, you can put the offending players on your ignore list or take screenshots of abusive chat and send it in a ticket to
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      Sadly, your not gonna find any server without those type of people anyhow... I recently left Joyopark Crystal Saga S8 Tidal Rush due to being bullied.... When I remembered I had an account on this website, I simply transfered my game playing to here... You can't stop people from being rude, but you can report them.... Hope you all the best.
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        I was told reporting only at max temporary bans the users, this won't help cause it only feeds them.


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          This would be a good implement later on into the game. Could make R2 even more money having character name changing and/or server changing.
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