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  • Sengolia Issues

    I'm wondering if and when Seng will be seperated into the 3 Plane Categories. It's almost a waste of time to enter Seng when everyone just one shots all mortals.... A good 50% of each team just stays dead, not contributing at all.
    If Seng were to be set up so that the each Plane were to automatically go to it's designated Plane Seng. It can't be an option to players either....Other wise the Scion's and Eldolon's will just go to the mortal plane Seng.

    Thats just my observation from 8 different severs and my opinion of course. I hope that your able to fix the Seng problem's. It would be beneficial to all plane's, keeping the high and low level's intrested.

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    mortals merely just pawn saga

    new sengolia are made for higher plane [so does treasure trove]
    mortals are still able to contribute as silver resources, and given 80honor +exps as rewards for being martyr at the end of sengolia or even 240+ on you lucky day

    separate plane-based sengolia would be dead area for higher plane just like tamalan arena,
    it is much more easier to kill mortals then other plane because you can one-hit-kill them
    tho it might be interesting on mortal plane where i would love to see waves again like old sengolia
    '10% xtals now guys come gather for last wave, we can win it, go go go' lol those words never i been heard no more
    and replaced by 'stop it moron, dont hit xtal no more, dont end it noww please, its silvers time' lol
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      So let me get this right. You think Sengolia is now designed for mortals to be target practice for everyone else????