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How to change password ?

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  • How to change password ?

    when im using the connect account to facebook ? needs an old password/current password

    one bad thing is that i forgot that facebook i've been using, all i can provide is the new nickname i change
    and... clearly its not been log for so long

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    If you've forgotten your Facebook password, you can reset/retrieve it via "Forgot Password?" tool on their website.


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      lol, i search my id on the forum, says activity last 2012 been that away for so long

      filed a ticket already, hope someone read it
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        Did Facebook's 'Forgot Password?' tool not resolve your issue?


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          First of all, i forgot my facebook account cause i had too many for facebook games. This is my 2nd attempt though, r2games did manage to send me a solution. and played my character. the problem is that. didnt change any info about it because i was too confident because of that reply message not knowing its good for 7days only. So i played my character for around 10 days or so rage up because i didnt change the password and quit again sad

          like back then, fingers crossed on that ticket and this time if i got it back, imma change the details *feeling positive*

          also i open a ticket but didnt give me a number
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            Originally posted by R222227494 View Post
            also i open a ticket but didnt give me a number
            All tickets submitted are given a case number. In the event that you missed it/lost it, you can locate it in the automated e-mail that was sent to you upon creation of the ticket.
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              Click image for larger version

Name:	1.png
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ID:	1711297

              didnt give me one, and i didnt recieve a mail yet


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                That's interesting. I will forward this along to the team and see what the issue might be.


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                  That'll be great, Hopes UP ! thanks Reverie and

                  PS. i totally forgot everything except the user Login only


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                    I have been informed that the ticket system is working fine. The team suggested that you try again.


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                      T_T i still got the same ticketing issue, no ticketing number after i submit my ticket and no email sent (waiting for 10minutes)

                      Now im losing Hope

                      i did try different issue just to see if ticket works, still give me the same result. no number given after i submit

                      Now its working #319354
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                        Good to see the missing case number resolve itself. I have also forwarded your ticket to get things going.


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                          Cool, so want to play the game again thanks for forwarding my ticket :3

                          Hi Reverie, thanks for the help. Got to play my rogue again.. can close this thread now TYVM for the HELP !
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                            You're welcome; happy gaming.