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CrazyToHate-Help me GM!!!

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  • CrazyToHate-Help me GM!!!

    This guy is extremely creepy and disgusting not only did he sexually harass me(He asked me to skype him nude, I told him to stop and he wouldn't stop asking) he told me he harasses other girls as well. He's really creepy and I'm concerned he will continue this odd habit and indulge in other helpless females playing this game, please GM ban him or send him a warning!!
    I've reported him, but I doubt this will do much, Guys like him need to be kicked off this game....
    I feel extremely distraught and irritated that many players on this website turn a blind eye to this kind of harassment.... Please please for the sake of girls on
    Crystal Saga terminate his account or ban him or something!
    Just don't let him get away with this sort of attitude!!
    You shoot me down, but I won't fall

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    File a ticket about this player's actions, along with evidence or screen shot of him harassing you.

    ...but actually does something like stalk every word you post

    This moderator is unreliable, I'm serious