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Disenchant Slayer and Savage Gear

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  • Disenchant Slayer and Savage Gear

    You wont let me sell it but by accident occasionally one will equip a piece of gear while selling and sorting out inventory. Typically purple gear is disenchanted. I am really irritated that my unbound gems in
    my slayer boots are toast, they were at least +9 slayer boots as well. You wont let me do that with pet gear but why slayer and savage???? I'm actually quite [mad] that took a lot of work to build up.

    First I would like to get my boots back. Second, put a flag on savage and slayer gear to prevent their disenchantment. Same with fragerion and other equips that should not be destroyed there.

    My character is stealthc, on newgrounds server.
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    You will need to submit your gear-restoration request via ticket here: Briefly explain how you managed to disenchant it, and the GMs may or may not restore the item based on the presented circumstances. Do note in your ticket that you are from Newgrounds.

    For all other suggestions, please proceed to the Suggestions & Feedback subforum so that you may present your idea to the player base for an accumulation of support:
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      *sigh* double-check, as always... at least same-looking items not all pages full of epic gears -____-