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bounty hunter event

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  • bounty hunter event

    now i have done all my dungeons and haven't seen not one polar piggy why is that?

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    Perhaps Lady Luck isn't on your side today. Piggies do spawn by chance, so every player is susceptible to getting a handful of bunk runs.


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      Rev Vault - It's in the middle
      BC - Hard to miss lol, it's just slightly on your left, you'd see the big pig
      Sacrafical Relic - Once you're at the enterance you follow the path to take you to a 2 way path (It'd be there)
      Killers Den - Should be where you kill the mob that lets you pass the fire (Right next to him)
      Psycho Dungeon - It's near the first enterance to the Hitomi room, you'll see it
      Exo Hollows - It'd be on the top left mini boss
      Purg - Left side of the road leading you to the boss that stuns for 8 seconds
      Evil Beast - There are none

      All the locations for the Pigs are from NIGHTMARE MODE so if you're doing hard, the location may be different (Such as Exo hard has the pig in the middle -Last time i remember lol)
      So, this should help you out and yeah exactly what Rev said pretty much depends on your luck on em
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