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caracter bug

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  • caracter bug

    hi can any 1 help me I was gonna login my alt gamestop he on server 1 on kongregate but some how when I entered his characters lock password he was deleted rather than being log in he was lvl148 eidolon rouge with a kilin mount

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    In order to enter a character lock, you have to first select a character. The character lock does not come before selecting a toon, so could you clarify your issue?


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      I log in to me alt to buy some EWs it worked fine then I d/c I log in again I saw his characters pick his toons pic I entered his characters lock pass an rather that loning in it
      went to create a new character an his character was gone even in game friend list was gone


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        Your best bet will be to file a ticket through Kong to see what the the issue is. You can do so by clicking on the 'Have any questions of concerns? Click here' on the server selection screen.