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I lost my main quest:( please help:(

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  • I lost my main quest:( please help:(

    so i had a quest that needed dissolving dust. i was selling my items and i accidently click on it to sell and then i didnt know what to do. so i read somewhere i could abandon quest and pick it back i abandoned it and i looked through all available quests and there are no "main" quests im really upset right now because doing the main quests get me so much xp and it lets me get items and such. so can someone please help me and tell me how i can get everything back to normal and get back ont rack with the main quest?

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    what level is that main quest?
    Level: 140
    Class: Int Rogue
    Plane: Mortal
    Rank: Novice
    Server: (S1)Aurora Point


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      You should be able to get assistance if you file a ticket at
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