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vip status

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  • Skye_Walker
    started a topic vip status

    vip status

    My character name is (S15)SkyeWalker
    i noticed today that my vip status is inactive in game so i went to reactivate it.
    when i did so, it said to check my order history for my vip status.
    my order history says it should have been reactivated on 11-10-2012.
    so, i cant reactivate it, nor was it ever deactivated by myself.
    can you please look into this and figure what the heck is going on?!
    i am getting pretty irritated with the vip status issues.
    sometimes you take my credit card. other times you dont.
    maybe i can make a purchase with paypal. maybe i cant.
    maybe you can make sure that those of us who want to give you our money to play your game, can do so with out issues?
    may i add that i was vip status as of this morning around 6am e.s.t.
    Last edited by Skye_Walker; 11-14-2012, 06:48 PM.

  • Skye_Walker
    replied is worthless. ive never had them resolve an issue for me :-(

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  • MemoryLane
    You should file a ticket at for assistance with VIP issues. If you don't know your transaction number, it's okay to use random numbers in the box that asks for one.

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