hi... i'm a knight in this game and i just got lvl 40 yesterday
then when i try logging in my chararacter ( kimoy ) this morning, the game/page is not opening up
i can log in to my account but the game is not opening up
i tried opening the blinking post on the upper right hand side of the game screen that says " get free balens " but i found out that it is not free, so i closed the
screen, then after closing it, no progress happening on the game, it's color black screen, you know after you logged in in the game, then there is 7road ( picture/
logo )
then after that, nothing is coming up, when i tried going to the forum page, it says that " MY IP ADDRESS IS BANNED " i'm really ****** knowing that i didn't do
any cheating on this game and even my char is not that strong enough, i'm even sacrificing my sleep after work just to play in this game and wait for the
BATTLE GROUND event just to earn insignia... then just found out that MY IP IS BANNED? FOR WHAT REASON!!!!??? i think there is something to do with the 8-12 maintenance yesterday.. i'm from [ s32 ] chaos field server, hope you guys can do something about it... Thank you...