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can the game bookmark servers?

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  • can the game bookmark servers?

    I have a general support question:

    Is there any way for the game to bookmark and store servers a user's played on? I've played on four servers:

    1: Aurora Point- Wyndryder (Mage)
    2: Himeng Valley- Damillian (Priest)
    3: Windshear Peaks- Riana (Ranger)
    4: Kaymo Mountain- Varano (Knight)

    and can't find any of them when I log in.

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    I am not sure that this is for wartune, based on your classes.. however, I have bookmarks for my home server and it loads that directly upon login, so I am sure you should be able to create them for your game unless it somehow blocks it. When logged into the game just bookmark it as you would a normal site and try to load it after doing so.

    If you are unable to do so or have issues with doing so, we are of course glad to help you as much as we can
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      Following on from what Magik has asked, can I please also ask that these characters you're asking about is based on the r2games platform? I know it may 'seem' like a silly question, but I know at least a couple platforms that will re-direct players to this forum.
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        Oops- just realized I had Wartune and Crystal Saga both up in different tabs and got the two mixed up. *facepalm* User Error- a friend introduced me to both games almost at the same time a few years back
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          Thank you for getting back to us Kelly C. I'll move it for you
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            thanks a bunch


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              Yes you can, your bookmarks will look like this

     Aurora Point

     Himeng Valley

     Windshear Peaks

     Kaymo Mountain

              Those links will take you to servers you listed.
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