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Scammer Pasaway from Floran evergalades -_-.

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  • Scammer Pasaway from Floran evergalades -_-.

    OK, He was trading his account in netheran realm for 4k xtal , Click image for larger version

Name:	kahayupan.png
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ID:	1733467Click image for larger version

Name:	kahayupan.png
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ID:	1733468Click image for larger version

Name:	kahayupan.png
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ID:	1733469 but the problem is he said he didnt recieve the crystals i charge him . you can tell on the third picture that the charged was succesfull, and on the second picture you can also tell that he just used up all the crystal i charged him and tell me i he didnt recieve it, cuz look theres still points left and where did he get those 11 torches -_- . so he lied and told me he didnt recieve any. Zzzz . Its up to you what you wanna do with this char. he's ign is (PaSaWaY). and your prbbly wondering how i got those pictures or got in his account? he gave me that account right after he spent all the crystals,.
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    So, you saying you are scammed? But, you logged into his account.


    also, account trading is illegal, both of you should be ban for your own stupidity. i'm just saying.
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      Please read the Terms of Service. Specifically the part about where it's against the rules to sell accounts.

      This thread is now closed and will be forwarded to the GMs for further investigation.
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        Click image for larger version

Name:	Banned.jpg
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ID:	1662448
        It is quite clear here that you have engaged to a deal that any inconvenience you will suffer to will be your responsibility. This is still under further investigation to come up with the appropriate sanction/resolution. Thank you for the report.

        sidenote: nice dancing turkey