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Rogue Help With Sperion

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  • Rogue Help With Sperion

    what gem combo is the best one im thinking the dodge one?

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    the dodge one doesn't trigger that much. I like Blood Breaking Kill and Demonic Gift.


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      doesnt the blood breaking skill triger at the same chance of the dodge one? and isnt dodge harder to gain ? and demonic gift doesnt work in sengolia


      • #4
        BBK and Demonic both work in seng. (And give a huge hp boost)
        Dodge combo triggers at the same chance but there is a difference.

        BBK and Demonic trigger for ur hits, Dodge for hits that you receive.
        As a rogue you dont want to be hit and as well do fast and huge dps.


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          maybe seal of god? because in sengolia i naturally would have 100% crit with frag II superior and i guess demonic is strong but only 3 seconds im thinking since im combat ill do an attacking one id want to do the liturgic elemental but idk how much damage the meteor does it could suck o_O so probably seal of god is the best since it has no cooldown and rogues hit 2-3 times so its a higher rate


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            The meteor is doing 1 damage. It also can knock back the enemies.
            It's not a good one for rogues.

            Demonic is great, the buff is only 2 seconds but in those 2 seconds you are most likely to renew the buff due to the huge atk speed increase.
            Also the decrease in speed for your opponents is great. Sure the best combo for dps. Blood Breaking Kill might be the better one against cashed up tanks who have some ridiculous def/reduction and hp.

            Holy Seal is not that good because you usually kill your opponent rather fast anyway, you don't benefit much from it.
            Also it doesn't help when you fight many opponents at once.

            I'm a combat rogue too, the best benefit for me are BBK and Demonic combined with the Blessing of Light seal broken.
            If you have both sperion with all 3 sockets open, then you can put liturgic / 3d defense in your defense sperion, hotkey both, your attack and defense sperion, and switch to defense whenever you get stunned, then switch back to attack when you are charging again.