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no crystal bug

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  • no crystal bug

    (redundant info removed)

    I'd file a ticket but your ticket utility does not include new grounds server.
    I paid days ago, my payment finally cleared today, where the hell is my crystal?
    I paid for VIP status again (which cleared yesterday), the last time i paid twice, I got double my crystal right away -- this go around I paid, got nothing.
    I also paid for $4.99 worth of crystal. Again nothing. May I please get what I paid for since the payments have cleared?

    That is the required info from the html source of newgrounds, for the iframe your API is in.
    Getting robbed of it pays to consume rewards here....not happy
    Here's the order number for the crystal purchase 201509212237131440_ng
    Here's the order number for the vip status purchase 201509210355004167_ng

    When I attempted to file a ticket it said it sent an email to my gmail acct, I checked, no email.

    ok I just bought another 4.99 crystal package, this time through money bookers rather than paypal. Maybe I'll get to buy what I need already sometime soon?

    so far $18 spent, nothing in return. When one takes the money it is customary to give the product or service for which is paid.
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    Would you be able to provide your character IGN along with the server? Because you did not receive an e-mail from us, I will have the team manually retrieve your ticket number for hopeful processing.


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      how do I get the IGN? you could try the api user id provided, 5162840.
      It was on the new grounds server.

      character name is stealthc.

      sent you two pm's with the info that I have, not sure which email address I used with the ticket but I provided you with both if that helps. If anyone knows how to find this IGN that would be nice....
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        In game name = ign


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          Your ticket number is 420343. I have forwarded a request for your orders to be checked out.


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            still nothing. I found an email from last night in my gmail account asking for the transaction numbers, which were provided, but they now have copies of what I got in my email from the 3 transactions.
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              I have been informed that this issue has been resolved. Do you need further assistance with said matter?


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                Yeah I bought two 4.99 packs but only got one in my inventory, plus I only got 2 torches. Has the purchase from skrill not come through? Not sure what my crystal was I literally spent it the moment I noticed it in there...


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                  The GM assigned to your case informed me that your issue had been sorted out. If you believe otherwise, you will need to note what it is you're still missing in your ticket response.