***Always backup your files want to keep****

CC cleaner professional and business class works well



should join the insider program! > ~ been suggesting some sort of more fluid flash interface in feedback section on their apps. be neat if could put in cs server url and it host the game like a client/ create a shortcut and in general for any other flash game ;p app wizard type thing. what think of idea? want to help post about it and other ideas if you have any for windows OS?

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New windows 10 is very sleek and keeps updating based on great community feedback participation- they've even contacted me about using windows on their official account!

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Changing remote settings probably wise
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Can change the default startup OS here
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if have another version of windows already installed as long as you have space you can partition the drive and keep both!

Peer block is also nice

*disable if want to update windows or windows store /other stuff to work in menu possibly/some apps- basically like a firewall *
but if have that and want to play the game will have to add some servers to white list. some IP blockers and and anti virus software or firewalls can cause a delay in traffic.

if have done a bunch of free crystal ads like me and get bugs every bit XD sometimes wiping stuff through a system like http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop
then wiping it with windows &installing one of each will do super clean install(wipe with linux then wipe with windows -install windows then linux / old windows had from cd or recovery cd)