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Can you fix s63 again?

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  • Can you fix s63 again?

    [S13, S17, S26, S32, S37, S41, S49, S61, S63, S65, S67, S69, S71] seems to be still down while others are up

    I hope this wont be a weekly event for our server

    Good thing you actually make sure the server is working before you turn the green light on in the server status

    I wonder if they are even aware their server is not working, might be a good idea in the future to make sure the servers are working after each maintenance, takes maybe 15 min to log a char into each server?

    Looks like its back up now
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    evil beast santuary

    so I have a character named jroc and every time I try to log on to that server its say connection failed and If it don't give me that it wont show my char at all but I have no problems logging into jargon at all plz help me trouble shoot this I put too much time and effort and even a lil cash plz help me solve this


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      Its because server it broken same thing happened 2 weeks ago, took them 8 hours to fix last time


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        o ok so basically server is temporarily down ok I hope they get it fixed soon that would be nice cuz I got way too much stuff on that char I might be a lil sore If I lost it all it be a huge rage quit moment lol


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          You should go buy a dog and take him for a walk, you ll have more from that