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Vault totally resetted

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  • Vault totally resetted

    I have already submitted a ticket, and the problem is being looking into, but i'm wondering, if anybody else is going through this issue??

    all my items, pets, etc are wiped.
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    I'm a noobc:
    Originally posted by ShadowGammaDraco
    they didn't MAKE the Original version of the game. any changes to the core game they have to dispute with main copyright owners in various ways most likely which takes time.
    Now stop complaining about seng plz c:...

    Remember when they said that what we want could never be done?
    Well look who's laughing now
    We'll do that what we want to... <3

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    Well my junk in my vault is fine...hope you get your stuff back :P
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      For better assistance, kindly file a ticket here.