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Quiz - not registering correct answers

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  • Quiz - not registering correct answers

    So yesterday and today, I have experienced the same problem with quiz. The Quiz appears to functioning normally, with the exception that every few questions to fails to register that I had checked the correct answer.
    This has the appearance of a being a lag/latency issue. Even when correct answers are tallied as correct, the black check mark only appears after the next set of questions has started. When a correct answer is NOT tallied, I see neither a red X nor a black check mark. This leads me to believe that the delivery/response time of validating the correct answer is essentially taking longer than the process allows, so the quiz tallies it as a "no answer given" which counts as an incorrect answer.

    I only get to do this event on the weekends due to my work schedule, so it has been disappointing to not have this working correctly.
    I've never had problems with quiz prior to the recent login/lag issues and regularly get a deliberate score of 23 for ewings and MC.

    Screenshots would be worthless as this is a lag/timing issue - so you would really need a video capture, which I do not currently have access to.

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    adding screenshot anyway
    game started with quiz only registering answers from 5 players
    Click image for larger version

Name:	cs-quiz1aCrop.png
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Size:	470.6 KB
ID:	1719209

    Next are a sets of shots, before and after the correct answer was given showing how the correct answer tally was not increased;
    tally remains at 9
    Click image for larger version

Name:	cs-quiz9aCrop.png
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Size:	482.0 KB
ID:	1719210Click image for larger version

Name:	cs-quiz9bCrop.png
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Size:	474.1 KB
ID:	1719211
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      because the whole system is messed up issues logging in as well as having a Lag fest! events are messing up but not like they would do they really good at ignoring the players concerns with this game!!! we had the same issue with quiz and IOB no timer it is a total mess!!
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