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    I created a ticket to get an old account back that i had. It was when i played the crystal saga on cs-ent before it merged with this site. I recovered my old email im pretty sure but my characters arent there and if they are i have no idea which server it would be on. Its been 4 days since i created my ticket i was just wondering if it were possible to retrieve my accounts.

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    Did you go through the transfer process before the servers shut down? The accounts themselves weren't pulled over, just the characters. The characters were put on new accounts here, but you would have had to set that up when the option was available. Did you play on your characters here at all after the merge?

    If you know you set yourself up for the transfer by filling out the form after vising the npc ingame on ENT, you would find your character on server group S12/S14/S18/S21/S22/S23/S27, but I can't remember which specific one of those servers yours was attached to (likely S12, though). At the very least, you can visit any of those servers and try to whisper yourself. You would be "(E1)yourcharactername", click the name in the chat box and select View. If it shows up in the view, then your character is here and I'm sure support can help you get reconnected to it. Unfortunately, if you didn't go through the transfer process prior to ENT shutting down CS, your character won't be here and there's no way to get it back.
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