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bug in Blessed bath and world chat

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  • bug in Blessed bath and world chat

    i don't know what it is GM's but i have asked many ppl in S3,S2,S1 to see if there have a bug issue most of them came up with blessed bath and some of coming up with world chat because everytime they try to comment there message they sent doesn't appear after 1 minute but when they tryed guild chats they work perfectally

    Name : (S1)WarCommander
    Level: 53
    Plane: Mortal
    Wings: Ultimate Fire Wings VII
    Guild: Sentinel
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    I had that issue too. But I know that it's a lag issue on my part. no idea why guildchat is not as laggy as world chat for me.
    The current week is been farmed by hundreth of alts, causing a lot of lag for my poor old laptop. Never had that issue before this week.


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      I have issue but only when lagging, i actually type out the sentence on my keyboard and then watch the words form out.....its kinda cool but the lag isn't. Sometimes i see myself following my pets and pixie, lag sucks
      Name: (S1)GeoStigma
      Class: Hybrid Mage
      Honor: Emperor
      Plane: Eidolon
      Level: Unknown
      Guild: Noypi

      Waiting for you and waiting your love...
      But you never came to me
      And I am still waiting until my death...
      But you hate me...
      So I shall kill you..
      And make you suffer...

      Kill me..
      Kiss me..
      Bury me..
      Just look at me....


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