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stucked at 100% loading

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  • stucked at 100% loading

    Anyone experienced loading at 100% but couldnt push through? I tried loading an alt and does the same thing, cleared cache and used a different browser, same result, now even main cant get in and keeps getting stucked at 100% loading. this just happened when i logged in an hour ago

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    Loading issues isn't uncommon for a handful of players post-maintenance. It does eventually resolve itself, however in the meantime, you can try the following usual fixes to see if it helps at all:

    ~ Clear your browser history, cache, and temporary files
    ~ Use different browsers
    ~ Close any unnecessary tabs/windows
    ~ Restart your browser session, computer, and Internet source
    ~ Use wired connection instead of wifi
    ~ Use a proxy
    ~ Manually change your DNS/IP address