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I need help from customer service

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  • I need help from customer service

    Can someone please help me? I submitted a ticket with no response and points end tonight...I need r2 customer service to send my topup to my character not my alt. It never went to my alt so it is still pending for them...My bank cant do anything about it because it is already pending....If they cant send it to my actual account then that is fine but they should not be able to hold my funds when i made a transaction in the past and access to my account was taken when i couldn't use the crystals or packages. It took them MONTHS to even attempt to give me the account back

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    Do you have a ticket or order number available that we can check?

    Note that if you attempted to recharge from your alt, then your crystals will be sent to said alt account after the transaction has been completed.


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      The account for the alt was an account that was taken by another person so i didnt have access at one point. R2 customer service or tech people gave me access to it but i had recharged before it was taken and i didnt have access to the account so i made a dispute with bank and they gave me the money back.....I do have all three transaction numbers from today though.
      201603161429361332_en for 19.99
      201603161426533591_en for 7.99 vip
      201603161424063831_en for 39.99

      i also have 3 tickets without ticket numbers because they did not send confirmation emails as usual....but they send a message to close the ticket
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        Order #201603161429361332, #201603161426533591, and #201603161424063831 have been processed.


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          Thank you love <3