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Loading issue, please can some help me.

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  • Loading issue, please can some help me.

    Everytime i log in to the game, it keeps loading from 0%. The game loads again all the data, the graphics, the maps, etc. Can someone please help me how to get rid of this? I know that if you once load the game, it won't take long enough again to load all the data. I play both in Chrome and R2Client but this still happens to me. Please help me about this, thanks...

    Server: S60
    IGN: Burichos
    Class: Rogue (Scion)

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    Here are several things you can try to see if it improves your loading:

    ~ Clear your browser history, cache, and temporary files
    ~ Use different browsers
    ~ Close any unnecessary tabs/windows
    ~ Restart your browser session, computer, and Internet source
    ~ Use wired connection instead of wifi
    ~ Use a proxy
    ~ Manually change your DNS/IP address


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      how to fix this "Couldn't load plug-ins" issue?

      Click image for larger version

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        Chrome is known for having such plugin issues, of which you can try the following:

        ~ Uninstal > reinstal Chrome
        ~ Uninstal > reinstal Flash Player
        ~ Remove hardware acceleration

        If the above steps do not correct the error, your best option then would be to use a different browser.