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  • R2453314
    started a topic What to do

    What to do

    I am being lied about to R2 and i guess a moderator said they would have me banned, I said to someone in game that I could rock their world and they lied
    and said I threatened their real life I never did I would never do that I have been threatened and its scary. Please if anyone has any advice I would appreciate it
    I have left this person alone and still he and his friends start drama and then make it out that I started it I dont know what to do anymore please help me

  • MemoryLane
    The best thing to do is to start taking screenshots when this person or his friends start causing drama, and to not respond to it. You're responsible for whatever you put in the chat room, even if it's in response to someone instigating a situation, and sometimes things are taken out of context when the whole conversation isn't shown. Keep yourself safe from reprimand by being able to produce the whole story, and not just the version they are trying to show R2. If it's becoming a constant occurrence, and ignoring them isn't working, send your screenshots in a ticket, and let one of us moderators on the forum know what's going on, and we'll see what we can do to help you.

    Also, if someone is claiming to be a moderator or that they work for R2 in any capacity in any chat ingame, and you don't see their name listed on the Crystal Saga forum as a moderator, definitely take a screenshot of that and send it my way.

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