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Devs u Discussed me!

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  • Devs u Discussed me!

    Look im gonna attempt to stay calm right now. But know this i am on the verge of Snapping so you better handle this situation promptly. LAST YEAR YOU GUYS Messed up the Easter Event. you reverted servers to the day before the last day of Easter event. as a result all of use who waited until the final day to turn in our 20 chocolate for red easter egg DID NOT GET ONE and was forced to SAVE OUR CHOCOLATE ALL YEAR until this event returned. NO IMAGINE MY FRUSTRAITION WHEN I LOGGED ON THIS MORNING AND YOU DECIDED TO NOT DO ANY EVENT FOR EASTER THIS YEAR. So either 1 of 2 things have happened Some idiot dropped the ball and forgot all about your EXTREME mess up last year, OR your holding off until easter day to start this event. that 2nd reason is the ONLY Thing keeping me from going Full 100% crazy on this forum this year. IF YOU ARE NOT BRINGING BACK EASTER EVENT THEN U NEED TO GIVE ME AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO SAVED THERE DAMN CHOCOLATE A RED EASTER EGG, AND JUST SO IM CLEAR THIS IS A DEAL BREAKER FOR ME. All this cashing i have been doing WILL COME TO AN IMMEDIATE END UNTIL THIS IS FIXED

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    They better give all guys the money back that they spend to them And close the game That would be the only best what they can to


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      chill... you should of saw this coming
      Why is bacon called bacon and cookies called cookies when you bake cookies and cook bacon


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        I am not gonna go into this long rant! I just wanted to say, R2 and Devs you DISGUST ME! you nerfed the EASTER Event, after you screwed it up last yet! I saved my Chocolate from last year to get my red easter egg this year and you went and NERFED the eggs. Why sare you punishing us for YOU Screw Ups!!!!! You Owe me a red easter egg FROM LAST YEAR, incase you forgot HERES what they looked like.

        Yellow :

        Pink :


        Ill be awaiting whats owed to me!

        Darn it forgot to fix my spelling on Discussed lol im an idiot - Suppose to be Disgust

        How do you make an easter event that is IMPOSSIBLE to get the rewards. this just shows you they dont give a **** about crystal saga, and the only reason they did an easter event (Late By the way) was because everyone complained. you need 20 Chocolates for Yellow Easter egg, 40 Chocolates for Yellow Eggs, and 60 Chocolates for Red Egg. Now if i do the math. Event last for 7 days, we are able to collect 5 chocolates per day, thats 1 free chocolate, 1 for collecting egg shells, and 1 for collecting chocolate essence. then 1 for guild resource battle ground, and finally 1 for blessed bath. thats a total of 35 chocolates possible to collect in 7 days max. ***!!!!! are you guys just stupid or just really dont give a ****

        JUst found out, even though R2 didnt state this under events tab, you get 2 chocolates for completing Warriors Trial. EVEN still thats 49 Chocolates total, Still is impossible to get a red egg
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