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S93 down.

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  • So, S93 is down, and it went down in the middle of Warriors Trial, which means we all lose our prize.

    Whats up !?

    And it came up, then went down again. 3 times down - *** !?

    The annoying part is that now not a single person will get the reward for the Quiz. And I GUARANTEE you, like normal, the "compensation" if there even will be one, won't be good enough.

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      Fix it


      • But we should make a new post, not keep bumping this one ;P


        • Here we go again... Can't we just have one full week without problems or bugs? Crystal saga is a game that's established well enough that these kinds of problems shouldn't be happening. I can understand once or twice over the course of a few months, but THIS many times in just a week? That's beyond ridiculous :/
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          • ok no comentar.... 45 Back on and than the same again S93


            • I cant sign into s93?

              Um What is going on? I just came back to play the game and it kicks me off during chamber of fate....? What is going on


              • S93's login issue has been reported.


                • BTW Friendlist is still bugged again


                  • Originally posted by silentzoner View Post
                    s94 is down now as well... might have something to do with all of hellcast having like 10 alts each.. just a thought but might want to look into players having so many alts..

                    its very obvious to see during quiz time.. and if this is allowed id like to no because il creat 10 alts like the rest simply isn't fair some play by the rulls while others clearly break them and nothing is done send 1 of your mods into game dureing quiz time let them see whats going oin its rediculis some guy had 8 places on the list
                    Our platform does not have a rule against alts.