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Moderator taking sides in-game matters.

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  • Moderator taking sides in-game matters.

    I here because this is kinda annoying that some moderators are using their high position as part of the R2 team to threaten and file tickets
    specific agains't players who offend their virtual friends... this has been going for sometime and a good example is the moderator (S48)ShadowGammaD
    Many times when players have an argument with his in-game girl-friend (S44)Apoloymi they receive ban threats or get muted, even that sometimes she is the
    one who start the arguments... also, looks like her guild is protected by him, many times they cause trouble and everyone gets told that he will file tickets agaisnt them
    but nothing is mentioned about his virtual partner guild members...
    I believe that for a fair game, members of the staff shouldn't take sides or defend individuals in-game matters... that's just morally wrong and unfair for the rest of us
    ordinary players who can't have a higher say than an moderator... Please, if there is any R2 admin reading this and if you do not believe in what i'm saying, check the (S48)ShadowGammaD chat history
    and I'm pretty sure that you will find grounds that matches with what I just said... Also take in consideration that the player (S44)Apoloymi is a very strong player in-game, that is kinda very suspicious that
    she divorced her old strong virtual boy-friend to marry a player that is much weaker than her, when there was many others who tried in the past and was turned down for their "might power" in-game...
    For me and many other players in-game this sounds extremely suspicious and unfair... if he is there to report bugs, that's what he should be doing instead of trying to
    scary the players around or getting involved in problems of which he doesn't have nothing to do with... Ps: he always use the excuse of "keeping the world chat clean"... but he only does it agaisnt his girl-friend guild enemies...

    Thanks in advance for the support.

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    I agree taking sides for just one person/one guild isn't correct.. i also believe if a moderator is taking sides he/she shouldn't be a moderator.


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      Anyone can take screenshots of chat and submit a ticket. It doesn't matter who takes the screenshot, if it's something that doesn't belong in chat, there's a chance someone will take a screenshot and report it. You can as well. We aren't staff, as that implies we are employed here, and we aren't employed here. Crystal Saga doesn't have ingame moderators. Forum Moderators are players who have volunteered to help out on the forum, so of course we play servers, where we get married and make friends, and submit tickets about things we find wrong along the way. We are not playing to report bugs- that's something we do as players, as all players should do. Just like monitoring chat is something all players should do. There is no recorded chat history here. If you have a problem with something someone has said in chat, you should take a screenshot and send it in a ticket.

      Each person is responsible for what they say in chat. Some things don't need full context, or a "who started it", such as excessive profanity, being lewd, or threatening behavior. If you aren't saying something that's worthy of a mute, or worse, then you have nothing to worry about. If you are breaking chat rules as outlined in the Terms of Service, you have to accept that there's a chance you'll be punished for it, as you alone are responsible for what you type in chat.

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        That's a good thought, maybe I should take screenshots of how much the person who wrote this thread talk to people with disrespect and have bad manners toward most girls.


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          LOL Nirex is just paranoid xD


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            the comments that this person has in game are repulsive and degrating to all females and it makes me sick to think how rude and disrespectful he can be toward another human being


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              I'm not a part of the guild but from the way this person was treating everyone in the guild and was talking how this one girl was cheating on her spouse with him, it just makes you wonder what kind of person he is because he been acting like a [player] to a lot of girls. And then, talk **** to their spouse saying that the girls like him better. I don't know what's wrong with the [player] head but it was a relief when he got muted.
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                He can't do nothing but falsely say the other ppls gf cheat with him and the bf will commit suicide. What a joke, he makes men look like morons xD
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                  As previously suggested, any and all further comments and/or concerns associated to this matter should be submitted through the ticket system:

                  Furthermore, I will be closing this thread as the original complaint has already been addressed.