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Funds [ Again ]

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  • xxdosxx
    started a topic Funds [ Again ]

    Funds [ Again ]

    Hi, it's me again...
    I already wrote about the Funds system and sent Tickets to R2 but after receiving some positive responses from R2 GM's and
    been told that they would forward my tickets to the developers of the Funds System.... I've been waiting for a response if that they will or will not
    make the Funds system a permanent event which will allow us ( CASHERS ) to be able to purchase Funds at least x2 a week or even
    twice a month for that matter... I still have lots of work to do on my character which require many crystals but I'm not sure if R2 Staff
    are even taking this request seriously... So please, can someone from R2 let me know when my Funds will be reseted or if R2 won't do it
    at all... so that way I don't want to be ranging around waiting for something that ain't very clearly to us Players ( Cashers ).

    Thanks and look forward for a response from the Team.

  • Sagittarius001
    the monthly funds can be redone...with R2 that's more than enough...

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  • lavawallker
    Probably won't be reseted o.o

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