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Quest Tracking isn't working!

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  • Quest Tracking isn't working!

    everytime I try to click the quest it says "No path available to this location" How can I complete my quest?

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    You might have a quest that requires you be on Heavenly Isle. If that is the case, you can't auto-track there since you have to speak to Arhdon ( crystal ladder NPC) in order to get there. the only other quests I know that would give you that is when you are around 30ish you get one to enter Secretonia ( I think that's the name) and also there is a few that require being INSIDE Revenants Vault.

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      thank you I will give it a shot!


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        oh and im trying to get to "mysterious wanderer-blackrock gorge" any idea where that is?


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          now my world map wont take me anywhere


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            Originally posted by R26285979 View Post
            oh and im trying to get to "mysterious wanderer-blackrock gorge" any idea where that is?
            Starting from Starglade, go to Windshear Peaks, then use your map to find the link to Blackrock Gorge.
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