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Never received crystals I bought about a week ago

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  • Never received crystals I bought about a week ago

    Server: [S76] Karmic Temple
    Character: (S76)Ashari

    Hello, I've been having some problems receiving the crystals I bought. I'm not completely sure if it's a problem with my bank or just a snag along the way.
    The transactions I made are as follows:

    Order number: 201611241108023196_en
    November 24th, 201611:08 AM

    Order number: 201611231933203511_en
    November 23rd, 201607:33 PM

    Order number: 201611231742009528_en
    November 23rd, 201605:42 PM

    Order number: 201611231732464468_en
    November 23rd, 201605:32 PM

    You can see that I made these purchases a good amount of time, plenty of time for them to be delivered. I have waiting to post a forum, to give time to get a response from my ticket.
    I sent two already, one yesterday and the other the day I never received the crystals.
    I understand there is a lot of tickets to reply to and what not, but I didn't even get a confirmation email, all I got was a generic "Your ticket has been sent, please wait up to 3 days.." Etc.
    On my previous orders, the last one before those was for $99 and it was taken out immediately, from my account, not my debit card.
    I used Paypal for all of the transactions but the last 4 never made it to my account. I never relogged, and I waited about a week.
    The status of the last order says Complete but under those 4 that are "pending" so to speak, it says "Go To Checkout" but once I'm there it says Pay Now, on Paypal.
    I got curious and tried to pay, just to see if it would go through, and it says the transaction has already been completed.
    I have Paypal receipts if it is needed, it's all there.
    When I look on my bank statement on my phone it shows that all ther payments have been taken out and are not pending in my bank account. I have paid for the crystals, I just do not have them.
    I just would like an answer back, since I could not get a reply in my email in a week. Thank you for your time.

  • Reverie
    Good to hear; if you need a ticket forward in a few days, let me know.
    Last edited by Reverie; 11-29-2016, 07:06 PM.

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  • brittanyssims
    I got an email from them, following up with them there.

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  • Reverie
    If you could send me a PM with the e-mail address used to submit your ticket, I will forward it to be checked.

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