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  • am i online or offline ...

    Alright hello there ,

    not sure if this has already been reported yet but i have been experiencing this so much lately so i decided to start this thing here

    the thing is yday and also today i have one toon online , i open an alt but i get a connection issue so i dc from both

    i try to load any of them but every time i log in it says failed to connect to server

    it seemed to be doing as if some one else some where is trying to load the same toons the same time so i decided to open an other alt and i could open it

    the thing is my 2 chars are actually online not moving but online in friends list as well as i can see them standing in starglade

    that means that iam actually online in cs servers without being really online

    idk how to describe that am sorry lol anyway the thing that i usually do to fix is this is wait and wait and wait and some more wait if i could with extra waiting on it lol

    well, just that

    thanks for reading and sorry for the language mistakes

    note : btw reverie if u r going to answer this thing here what actually r those finals that will start from i cant remember when and end i also cant remember when

    just curious xD

    have a good day !

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    This is occurring because of a recent issue with disconnecting toons not actually logging from the servers immediately. The toon doesn't register the disconnection right away, so it will stay idle online for up to 20 minutes until it finally realizes that it's been disconnected. In that timeframe, you will be unable to manually kick your toon offline which results in the failed login.

    The week listed is for my collegiate finals, as an FYI for those who may get angsty about delayed responses.


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      oh ic ty for answering

      gl btw xD


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        Thank you.


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          meanwhile, can u please make an other check on the online -offline problem thanks


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            Originally posted by mihonaco View Post
            meanwhile, can u please make an other check on the online -offline problem thanks
            What "online-offline" problem are you referring to?


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              Originally posted by Reverie View Post
              What "online-offline" problem are you referring to?

     < this thing here


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                I have been informed that because of the game engine's age, it'll be awhile before the issue can be resolved from the backend. All that leaves is patience when it does happen.